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From trumpet to tuba, we’ve got the full range for you. And we have the expertise to find the right instrument for you, so we’ve got you covered, whatever your brass needs!

Strict Standards

Rick’s Musical Instruments carries only high-quality brass instruments for our customers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We make our decisions about which items to carry at the semi-pro and pro instrument level as a team: each model is closely scrutinized for quality, longevity, performance, and overall ability to meet the strict demands of our staff. Years of experience mean our opinion counts, which is why manufacturers have actually altered entire model lines based on our recommendations and requests. At Rick’s and Bravo, we think about the best interests of our customers. We want you to have a positive shopping experience with the expectation that you will leave more educated about – and completely satisfied with – your brass instrument purchase.

Our Pro Brasswinds

Trumpet:  Bach, B&S, Eastman, Jupiter, King, Shires Q, XO Brass and *other brands available
Trombone: Bach, Conn, Courtois, Eastman, Jupiter, King, Shires Q, XO Brass
Double French Horn: Conn, Eastman, Hans Hoyer, Holton, Jupiter
Flugelhorn: Jupiter, XO Brass
Baritone: Besson, Eastman, Jupiter, King, XO Brass
Tuba: Besson, Eastman, Conn, Jupiter, King, XO Brass

*Due to some manufacturers’ advertising policies, we are not allowed to list certain brands that we sell on the Internet. Please call the store at (401) 658-3404 or email us with any questions and we will be happy to assist you!

Need More Info?

Call the store at (401) 658-3404 or email us with any questions.