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When you’re looking for an instrument for your student, you want to know you can trust the people from whom you buy or rent. We’re professionals, which means we love music, and we love connecting you and your student with the right instrument.

We Carry the Best

Rick’s chooses only the highest quality student school instruments for our band instrument sales and rentals in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our repair technicians, educators, and performers gather together to evaluate new instruments from the manufacturers every year. We choose instruments to rent under our company name based on our evaluation of quality of build, sound and technical performance, use within the learning environment, parts availability, and longevity. If it does not meet our strict standards, we do not carry it!

A Great Selection

Both new and “like new” school instruments are available for sale with competitive pricing and full warranties. Respected brands such as Bach, Backun, Besson, Buffet, Conn, Eastman, Gemeinhardt, Holton, Jupiter, King, Ludwig, Mapex, Pearl, and Selmer are among our picks for the woodwinds, brass, and percussion products that we have for you. The experts in our repair shop examine and restore all pre-owned instruments to proper function and sanitary condition before those instruments ever see the inside of our showrooms.

Our Brands

Flute: Amadeus, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, and Jupiter
Piccolo: Gemeinhardt and Jupiter
Clarinet: Backun, Buffet, Schreiber, and Jupiter
Bass Clarinet: Jupiter
Alto Saxophone: Gemeinhardt, Jupiter, Keilwerth, Selmer and more.
Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone (Bari Sax), and more: Jupiter
Oboe: Jupiter and Selmer
Trumpet: Bach, Besson, Blessing, Conn, Eastman, Holton, Jupiter, and King
Trombone: Bach, Blessing, Courtois, Eastman, and Jupiter
Single French Horn, Double French Horn: Conn and Jupiter
3/4 Size Baritone, Full Size Baritone (Euphonium): Jupiter and King
Bell Kit/Snare Kit/Combination Percussion Kits: Ludwig, Mapex, and Pearl
Marimba: Mapex
Xylophone: Mapex
Violin,Viola,Cello:Eastman and Euro
Ukulele: Kala

Due to some manufacturers’ advertising policies, we are not allowed to list certain brands that we sell on our website. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates.

Need More Info?

Call the store at (401) 658-3404 or email us with any questions.